Other Event Spaces

HH 303 Schedule

HG 2121 Schedule

The School of Humanities has many other event spaces available for reservation, mainly outdoor areas. These include:

Humanities Hall 303: This is a small conference room similar to HG 1002 or HIB 137 and includes a projector, screen and speakers. Additionally, this room is equipped with a security system, so after-hours events are not encouraged, since they require a fair amount of coordination to arrange.

Humanities Hall 3rd Floor Patio: This is a large space which is already equipped with many wrought-iron outdoor tables and chairs which can be arranged as desired.

Humanities Hall/MKH Courtyard: This is the area between Humanities Hall and Murray Krieger Hall. It is equipped with several outdoor tables which cannot be moved.

Humanities Instructional Building Courtyard: This is the area behind HIB, often used for receptions following events in HIB 100. Generally it is necessary to order tables from UCI Facilities for events held here.

Humanities Gateway Courtyard: This is the area behind HG, and adjacent to HG 1030 and HG 1010, often used in conjunction with those rooms. There is no furniture for use here, so tables and/or chairs will need to be ordered from UCI Facilities.


People using one of these spaces are responsible for returning it to the default configuration after use, in addition to the usual clean-up (vacuuming, cleaning counters and tables, emptying trash, etc.).