Film and Media Production Space: Krieger Hall 100 is being re-purposed as a Production Space for Film and Media, and will include green screen access and lighting controls. Additionally, FMS is reconfiguring some storage space in Humanities Gateway to make lending out equipment to students easier.

Philosophy Department Renovation: Philosophy is seeing three small projects being done in their space:

  1. Enlarging HIB 99 to make an office two faculty members can share
  2. Converting HIB 90 into a faculty office and a file/work room
  3. Converting HIB 57 from a kitchen into a TA/Lecturer work space

COVID Sanitization and Signage: In order to make our spaces safer in the time of COVID, we have undertaken a number of measures such as installation of hand sanitizer dispensing stations, educational and directional signage, and lower limits on occupancy of shared spaces. This work will be ongoing until such a time as it is no longer needed.