Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am experiencing problems in a classroom, whom do I contact?

A. General assignment classrooms within the school do not fall under the authority of the School of Humanities Facilities Management. Trouble calls regarding room condition should be directed to the help desk @ x5444. Problems with smart classroom equipment should be directed to Classroom & Computing Support (C&CS) @ x8833.

Q. Who provides materials for use with whiteboards in the classrooms, or other furnishings?

A. Furnishings and chalk are provided in classrooms by the Building Services Team. Materials for dry erase boards are provided by Classroom & Computing Support (C&CS).

Q. We are having an event that we wish to advertise for, where can we post our flyers?

A. Flyers may not be posted on buildings, painted, or finished surfaces as specified by UCI policy. Items may be posted on the large cement retaining walls between Humanities Hall and Krieger Hall as well as the cement wall near the bridge to the arts. Glass display cases have also been installed on the buildings throughout the School of Humanities to advertise for school related functions. Please provide flyers to the Facilities Manager for advertising in the display cases.

Q. What do I do if I have lost my keys?

A. Report all lost or stolen keys to your Department Manager immediately.

Q. Who do I contact if I need to dispose of some E-Waste (computer towers, monitors, printers, etc.)?

A. You can arrange to have them picked up by facilities by submitting the form for Peter's Exchange. There is no charge for having e-waste picked up. If you need to have a hard drive removed from a computer before disposing of it, submit a service request with Humanities Computing.