Bring Your Own Device

All Humanities conference rooms and event spaces with overhead projectors have HDMI and VGA cables to support Bring Your Own Device capabilities. The School has fitted some conference rooms and event spaces with wireless receivers that support Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

The following rooms are wireless-capable for BYOD:

  • HG 1010
  • HG 1030
  • HIB 137
  • HH 342
  • HH 344

To connect to a BYOD wireless receiver, your device must be on the Conference Room wifi network. Ask the event organizer, or the Deans Office reception desk, for the password. (Authorized users can login to see the current wifi password). Join the wifi network for the building your event is located in (eg. "HG Conference") and use your device's native screen mirroring capability to mirror your screen to the receiver.
How to use native screen mirroring capabilities:

In addition to devices' native mirroring functionalities, the BYOD receivers have several collaboration features enabled by installing their associated app. Simple screen mirroring can be done in the app, as well as collaborartive sharing sessions, and features for moderation if an event has multiple presenters. Download the ShareLink Pro software on your device to use these enchanced features: