Honors Designation

The Department of Philosophy provides high-achieving students with the opportunity to work closely with a faculty member to gain advanced philosophical training and to produce a paper of exceptional quality. We deem such experience to have intrinsic value (though the additional training and paper might also be useful if a student intends to apply to graduate school). In recognition of the extra work needed to produce this paper—it is to be done in addition to all major requirements—a student will receive an honors designation on their degree.

To receive this honors designation, a student must take Philos 199H, the honors directed special studies course, in two consecutive quarters with the same faculty member. During these quarters, the student will prepare, under the supervision of the faculty member, a substantial piece of original work (a paper of approximately 5000 words).

Philos 199H is a 2-unit course and is graded P/NP. The course does not count towards the major. Thus, the two Philos 199H courses are to be done in addition to all major requirements. Philos 199H may be taken in conjunction with a graduate seminar with the permission of the instructor of the seminar.

To be eligible to enroll in Philos 199H, a student must be a philosophy major, have a GPA of at least 3.7 in all philosophy courses (not just major courses) and be planning to graduate within three quarters. A student must find a faculty member from the Department willing to supervise and evaluate their work. The student, in consultation with their supervisor, must also find a second reader.