Date Time Program Title
04/22/2203:00 PMPhilosophyColloquium: Dan Korman (UC Santa Barbara)
04/22/22TBAPhilosophySoCal Metaphysics Network Graduate Student Conference
03/08/2208:30 AMPhilosophyThe Writing Workshop
03/04/2203:00 PMPhilosophyThe KTS Annual Global Epistemology Lecture: Jonardon Ganeri
02/28/2202:00 PMPhilosophyDepartment of Philosophy Lecture: Mirja Hartimo (University of Jyvaskyla, Finland)
02/28/2204:00 PMPhilosophySURC Presents Francesca Polletta: "Does Bridging Our Divides Require that We Become Friends First?"
02/26/2210:00 AMPhilosophyCalifornia Phenomenology Circle workshop on Husserl and Mathematics (with Mirja Hartimo)
02/25/2205:00 PMPhilosophyPhilosophy Club Presents: Falsafa Symposium
02/21/2204:00 PMPhilosophyUCI Religious Studies & Producing Alternate Futures Series - Binding Blacks: DuBois and Camus on Engaging the World
02/18/2203:00 PMPhilosophyThe KTS Annual Epistemology of Education Lecture: Andrea R. English
02/11/2203:00 PMPhilosophyDepartment Colloquium co-sponsored by the Melden Chair in Moral Philosophy: Susan Wolf (UNC Chapel Hill)
02/10/2210:00 AMPhilosophyThe Annual Joint KTS Center & Center for Nursing Philosophy Lecture: Havi Carel
02/04/2203:00 PMPhilosophyColloquium: Jennifer Saul (University of Waterloo)
01/28/2212:00 PMPhilosophyDepartment of Philosophy Colloquium: Chris Ranalli (VU Amsterdam)
01/27/2212:00 PMPhilosophyThe KTS Annual Social and Applied Epistemology Lecture Series: Chris Ranalli
01/18/2203:00 PMPhilosophyCTE Mini-Seminar Presents: Zakiyyah Iman Jackson
01/07/2203:00 PMPhilosophyDepartment of Philosophy Talk: Em Hernandez (UCI DoP President Postdoctoral Fellow)
12/03/2112:00 PMPhilosophyMeaning of Life Lunch
12/01/2110:00 AMPhilosophyHusserl and Mathematics Reading Group
11/22/2112:00 PMPhilosophyFall 2021 Writing Workshop
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