To Form a More Perfect Union?

Justice, tranquility, common defense, general welfare, and liberty. The preamble to the U.S. Constitution lifts these concepts as fundamental to the formation of a more perfect union. Naturally, a perfect union is impossible to achieve, but the quest for something approximating perfection binds us all together in a shared, unending project. How does this project fare in 2021-22? What does it look like and who participates?

Join the Humanities Center in Conversations that Matter this year as we explore what it means to form a more perfect union. Click HERE for the Winter 2022 flyer and see it below.

Click HERE for the Fall 2021 flyer and see it below.


Designer Thinh Nguyen reflects on his design for our program this year.

"Human connection and the nature of textiles share a common theme: they’re woven together by intersectionality.  The multicolored cascading strands of fabric converge and percolate patterns at each juncture, alluding to how the intersection between individuals can often form something truly beautiful—a connection for new friendships, ideas, and discourse.  At other times, connections can also be dissolved through division and disagreements.  Regardless of the outcome, every strand and every individual will contribute to a larger picture.  The textile—and to a broader extent, humanity—will be better enriched and stronger for it.”

See Thinh's design in full: