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Signature Events

 Oct. 1st - Encountering Oceans: Explorations Of Space, Time, and the Human

Oct. 8-Oct. 29 - The 1619 Project Series

Nov. 9th - Just Environments: Critical Infrastructure Studies - Reading Group

Nov. 12th - Just Environments: Critical Infrastructure Studies - Alan Liu

Nov. 17th - Blackness in the Indian Ocean

Nov. 18th - 1520 and the Slave Trade to the Americas

Jan. 13th - Reflecting on 2020

Jan. 19th - Just Environments: Pacific Worlds Reading Group

Jan. 21st - Possessing Polynesians: In Conversation with Maile Arvin

Jan. 22nd - Pacific Worlds: Indigeneity, Blackness, and Resistance

Feb. 3rd - Deux Femmes on the Edge of the Revolution: A Discussion with France-Luce Benson

Feb. 19th - Digital Humanities Exchange presents: Johanna Drucker - "Visualizing Catastrophe: Ethics of Aesthetics"

Feb. 25th - We Take Care of Our Own: A Discussion with Zainabu Jallo

April 1st - (Post)Covid Research Methods: Thinking Innovatively about Transoceanic Studies

April 8th - Transnational Reverberations: Recent Works in Ending the Korean War

April 12th - Just Environments: Erosion Reading Group

April 15th - Just Environments: An Evening with Terry Tempest Williams: Author, Conservationist, Free Speech Advocate

April 29th - 30th & May 1st - Sea Sense: Blue Humanities and the Early Modern Imaginary

May 5th - Hawai'i Futures: A Talk by Sean Connelly

May 6th - Stories from the Sea: A Showcase of Student-Community Projects

May 7th - Transnational Frames: Rearticulating Asian American Knowledges

May 7th & 14th - Between Island & Isthmus: Movements across Caribbean and Pacific Worlds

May 13th & 22nd - Resistance in (a)Synchronous Futures

May 17th - City on the Edge: the Case of, and for, Hong Kong part 1 - What's left in Hong Kong

May 18th, 20th, & 25th - Diving Deep: Racial Justice and Environmental Justice

May 19th - The Ocean Has Rhythm: Four Centuries of Musical Travels Across the Atlantic and the Circuit of Sound it Created

May 20th - Phantom Africa: A Discussion with Brent Hayes Edwards


Oceans are rarely neutral places. They provoke the human imagination, arouse emotions of fear and nostalgia, and are sites of pleasure, contemplation, heroism, and death. For the 2020-2021 Conversations That Matter series, the UCI Humanities Center seeks to foster understanding of how the oceans and waterways of the world have shaped humanities-based inquiry and cultural production. How has the “blue humanities” or how have oceans and oceanic connections shifted our concepts of space, time, and human relations to the environment and the non-human. The “Oceans” theme also provides an opportunity to engage in cross-disciplinary dialogue, bringing the humanities into conversation with science, technology, engineering, arts, and medicine. We seek to engage with multiple publics: the academic community at UCI and beyond, the campus-wide community including students and staff, as well as the regional community of Orange County and Southern California.

Please join us in our year-long exploration! Click here for the Spring 2021 poster and see below. #UCIEncounterOceans

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Oceans Winter Calendar

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Fall Oceans