Faculty Research Support

Research Development
Research development is a core component of the Humanities Center’s mission to spark new knowledge, launch vibrant intellectual communities and inspire conversations that matter.  In the last five years, Humanities faculty have received 4 Guggenheim fellowships, 4 Getty Scholars fellowships, 5 Fulbright Scholar awards, and other nationally prestigious fellowships.

Working with individual faculty members, research clusters, centers and departments, Amanda Swain, Executive Director, can provide resources and training, assist with proposal development and establishing partnerships, and advise on planning major scholarly and public projects. Contact Amanda at ajswain@uci.edu.

Humanities faculty can schedule a Zoom video call or telephone call with Amanda Swain here.

Exploring Funding Opportunities?
  • Answer general questions about funding opportunities, funder guidelines, or proposal development
Preparing Grants?
  • Individual consultations on draft proposals, budget development and preparing support materials.
  • Resources for collaborative project planning sessions to prepare major grant proposals
  • General questions about funding opportunities, funder guidelines, or proposal development
  • Workshops on grant-writing and planning scholarship trajectories at any faculty rank for departments, centers or research clusters
Submitting Grants?
  • Required: At least eight weeks in advance for any other type of grant application (individual or collaborative project grant, departmental grant, graduate student funding awarded via university), all grant proposals for funding that is awarded to or via the university must be submitted to Sponsored Projects for approval by the Dean’s Office finance staff.
  • Recommended: At least four weeks in advance of deadline for individual faculty fellowships, documenting Humanities faculty applications for external fellowships meets one criteria of “research activity” as defined by the Office of Research, which provides an annual allocation to the School. SOH reports overall application and funding statistics.
Administering External Grants?
  • The Humanities Center may provide administrative support and project management for external grants received by School of Humanities faculty.  We require that you consult with us prior to submitting a grant proposal that would be administered by the Humanities Center.  Please contact Amanda Swain, Executive Director, at 949-824-1948 or ajswain@uci.edu.