Graduate Liaison Network

The Humanities Center Graduate Liaison Network (GLC) was launched during the 2019-2020 academic year to share information about opportunities and initiatives as well as to receive feedback and advice about how the Humanities Center can better support students. Below are the members for 2020-2021. 
Department/Program Graduate Representative
Asian American Studies Toni Hays (2020-2021)
Comparative Literature Chenglin Lee
Culture and Theory Izzy Williams
East Asian Studies Kristina Horn
English Elia Agudo
German Xuxu Song (2020-2021)
Graduate Feminist Emphasis Katie Schubert
History Haleigh Marcello
  Pedro Puentes
MFA Program in Writing Marissa Ahmadkhani
  Lee Eisen
Philosophy Oscar Piedrahita Rivera
Spanish and Portuguese McKenna Middleton
Visual Studies Zachary Korol-Gold
  Ryan "Ryro" Nowak-Crawford
Ex Officio  
Office of Graduate Studies Elizabeth Nguyen
Graduate Learning Community Yao Pei (2020-2021)
DHX Kierstin Brehm
DHX Ella Turenne
Director of Pedagogical Development Larisa Castillo
Graduate Futures Program Director     SueJeanne Koh
Program Manager Ryan Gurney
Executive Director for Humanities Center Amanda Swain
Academic Director for Humanities Center Judy Tzu-Chun Wu