Farm Workers Picking Oranges

Fall 2021

Course Title Instructor Region
200 Global Theories Mitchell  
204A     Second Year Research Seminar Farmer  
250 Gender, Race, and Labor in Modern Latin America Tinsman Latin America
260 Race & Gender in the Colonial United Stated Block US
270* Critical Theory in the 21st century: Subaltern, Postcolonial, Decolonial and Indigenous Studies LeVine Middle East
291 Directed Reading Course TBA  
298 Exper Group Study (Oral Exam Prep for Third Years) Berberian  
*HIST 270 is a new course number for Seminars in Middle Eastern History. While the course number gets approved for the catalogue, this course will appear on the Schedule as "290". Interested students should enroll in "290" and will receive notice when 270 is available.

Winter 2022

Course Title  Instructor Region
200 The History of Emotion Morrissey  
202B First-Year Research Seminar Baum  
204B Second-Year Research Seminar Farmer  
230 Early Modern Technology & Colonialism Raphael Europe & World
250 Afro Latin America Borucki  
260 Black Digital Humanities Millward/Willoughby-Herard US
260 Immigrants and Refugees in U.S. History Casavantes Bradford (CHC/LAT) US
270 Middle East Berberian Middle East
280 China in Global Times Wasserstrom Asia & World
291 Directed Reading Course TBA  
298 Exper Group Study Berberian  
*If you would like to enroll in HIST 260 Immigrants and Refugees in U.S. History (CHC/LAT crosslist), please contact Professor Anita Casavantes Bradford at

Spring 2022

Course Title Instructor Region(s)
202B First-Year Research Seminar Baum        
230 Making Race in Europe 1650-1850 Coller Europe
240 Transnational Feminist History & Theory Schields World
240    Environment & Empire Fedman World, Asia
260 Histories of the US-Mexico Borderlands Rosas US
291 Directed Reading Course TBA  
298 Exper Group Study Berberian  

Directed Readings

To register for a Directed Reading, submit the Directed Reading Contract (download here) with a reading list to Graduate Program Coordinator, Samantha Engler, by:
  • Fall 2021: Wednesday, September 8, 2021
  • Winter 2022: Wednesday, December 8, 2021
  • Spring 2022: Tuesday, March 8, 2021