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Graduate Student Profiles

Noah Dolim

Cohort Year: 2017
B.A.,University of Hawaii at Hilo, 2014, History
M.A.,University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2016, History

Advisor: Dr. Adria Imada
First Field: U.S. Transnational History
Second Field: Gender and Sexuality

Dissertation Title: To Grow and Preserve the Nation”: Native Hawaiian Women’s Clubs, Governance, and Sovereignty

Research Interests
I work in the field of U.S. History, with a focus on Hawai‘i and Native Hawaiians. My research centers on Native Hawaiian women’s clubs in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Upper-class Native Hawaiian women developed new avenues of political power through organizing outside of formal state institutions. These women took on challenges such as public health, education, and suffrage, as Hawai‘i shifted from an Indigenous monarchy to a colonial possession of the United States.