Student Testimonials

Benjamin Bohr

BohrI will finish up my B.A. degrees at UCI this Spring quarter, and in the fall, I will I start a PhD program in Political Science (with an emphasis in international relations) at UC San Diego. This degree program will serve as a steppingstone for my future career as a . . .

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Khassaundra Delgado

DelgadoUCI's Global Cultures program has been tremendously helpful in reaching my career goals and supporting my professional development in nonprofit fundraising and strategic communications. While I originally thought that my career would be in education, I obtained a position at a local public relations firm, where I worked on communications . . .

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Tania Gennell

GennellGlobal Cultures has given me a truly international experience!

I decided to study abroad (England) after hearing so many inspiring stories from previous UCI students, and because I wanted to fulfill my desire to travel the world. Global Cultures courses at UCI (e.g., Dr. Schwegler’s class on language and . . .

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Brianne Holden

HoldenIn 2010, I graduated with a degree in Global Cultures and a minor in History. My primary emphasis was Hispanic/Latino Cultures and my secondary emphasis was locating Europe. The Global Cultures major has helped me develop a profound cultural awareness and passion for travel. Courses in the program are very . . .

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Alex Hunt

HuntI am on my way to becoming an educator—someone who will be able to extend the benefits offered by a multicultural education to her future students. In graduate school, I will be most interested in researching structural racism in American public schools; in doing so, I will seek to understand . . .

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Adrienne Kibler

KiblerMajoring in Global Cultures at UCI was the best choice I made in my undergraduate studies. The program’s interdisciplinary approach allowed me to tailor my degree to my interests as well as provide the flexibility I needed to participate in a year long immersion travel abroad program in Padua, Italy. . . .

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Sachiko Kido

KidoI graduated from UCI with Global CuItures degree in June 2008. Since then, I have been working at American Honda Motor Inc. in Torrance (California) where I had already did an internship while I was completing my Global Cultures degree.

At my job I use communicative and presentational skills . . .

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Dillon Kiel

KielI could not be happier with my Global Cultures degree from UCI, and the knowledge that I have gained from my coursework. For anyone interested in studying global issues from a variety of viewpoints (cultural, political, linguistic, economic), this is the major for you. Not only are the faculty excellent, . . .

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Claudia Mendoza

MendozaAfter completing my studies in Cognitive Psychology at the University of California, Irvine, I took strong interest in personality, psychopathology and social theories as well as experimental research.

Subsequently, I went on to complete a second B.A. degree in Global Cultures again at the University of California Irvine, emphasizing . . .

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Nancy Quintanilla

QuintanillaI write this testimonial at a time when I am about to enter the Ph.D. program in English Language and Literature at Cornell University. I recently graduated from UC, Irvine with a double major in English Literature and Global Cultures.

Today, as I reflect on my challenging and gratifying . . .

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Sobia Saleem

SaleemDeciding to double major in Global Cultures was by far the best decision of my undergraduate career. As a student coming from the English Department, Global Cultures allowed me the unusual opportunity to leave the typical cannon and explore cultures and novel critical thinking strands.

I have recently been . . .

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Julie Schechter

SchechterMy experience with the Global Cultures program was a highlight of my academic career at UC Irvine. Originally a single major (Dance), I added Global Cultures because of its interdisciplinary nature.

The ability to take “Global Cultures” classes in Art History, English, Classics (the list goes on) was the . . .

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Kendy Taylor

Global Cultures is a major like no other. My main emphasis was Latin American Studies (at the time) and my sub-emphasis was African Studies. The Quarterly Approved Course List allowed me to take courses from the various schools on UCI’s campus, including upper division courses in Anthropology, Linguistics, History and . . .

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Christine Thraser

ThraserI had a fantastic experience in the Global Cultures major. It allowed me to take a variety of courses in different disciplines to broaden my understanding of world history, culture, and globalization. In addition to helping me develop useful critical thinking and communication skills, this major has also made me . . .

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Sumaiya Zaman

ZamanI recently graduated with a B.A. from UC Irvine in Global Cultures: emphases in Latin America/Africa/Caribbean.  In January 2010, I will begin my Masters of Liberal Studies at the University of Pennsylvania The University of Pennsylvania was my number one choice; I also was accepted to USC and Duke University.
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