Faculty Advising

Because there are so many options for specialization within the major, students will be assigned for academic advising to a member of the Global Cultures Committee, or a Core Faculty Member. Students are required to consult with their advisors.


The major requires a total of 14 courses. Six of these courses are specific (see Core Courses), and eight are electives (see Emphases).

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Students are encouraged to augment their foreign language competence beyond the School minimum. Participation in the UC Education Abroad Program is strongly recommended for all Global Cultures majors. Majors as well as Minors must choose two Emphases.

What can I do with a degree in Global Cultures?

Our major prepares students particularly well for careers in all fields in which analysis, judgment, argument and a wide (global) rather than narrow perspective are important. The Global Cultures major equips students with a knowledge that is critical to understanding the complexities of the diverse world in which we live.

The following careers are particularly well-suited for our majors:

◊  business (national as well as international)
◊  law
◊  management
◊  education (primary and secondary teaching)
◊  politics
◊  public policy
◊  non-profit organizations 
◊  academia
◊  print media
◊  television   
◊  foreign service
◊  tourism
◊  travel industry 
◊  graduate studies in a wide variety of fields (business, law, education, public policy, etc.)

Perhaps nowhere more than in the State of California, the contemporary workforce is constituted by people who have crossed geographic and cultural boundaries, and who are embodiments of the forces of globalization that this major helps students to understand and appreciate better. Global Cultures majors are thus particularly sensitive to the challenges and opportunities presented by the multicultural society of which they are a part.