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UCI Humanities Studio
269 Humanities Hall
Irvine, CA 92697
(949) 824.6344

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Humanities Studio Lab Policies

The following policies are in effect in order to facilitate access to the Humanities Computing Facilities by all members of the School of Humanities for research and teaching. Thank you for your cooperation. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding these policies.


Instructors of Humanities courses may schedule any of the Humanities Studio classroom labs (HH269A (Mac)/ HH207/HH217) for use on a regular or one-time basis for class use. In order to accommodate as many courses as possible, if the computer lab is not the primary classroom, we must limit lab use to once per week per section. Humanities Studio staff will make every effort to accommodate as many classes as possible in our limited space.

Labs are typically scheduled during weeks 4-5 of the preceeding quarter via the lab request form available on our website. They can, however, be scheduled any time up through the Friday of the preceding week (for example, if you want a lab for Wednesday of Week 5, your request must be submitted by Friday of Week 4). This provides all users with the opportunity to plan their computer lab time around the classroom schedules.

HH 251 may be used by prior reservation only. Reservations are scheduled during week two of the preceeding quarter in accordance with quarterly scheduling deadlines. After that time, reservations are available on a first-come, first-served basis if space is available. 


The Humanities Studio has one dedicated drop-in lab (HH269) with a combination of Mac and Windows computers. The other labs are available for drop-in use when a class is not in session. Please pay attention to the posted schedules and signs which are updated weekly and also posted on our website. 

Some tips for using Humanities Studio facilities:
  • We use the OIT print cards. Any problems with the cards need to be resolved through OIT. Humanities Studio is not responsible for refunds or problems with the OIT print card system.
  • Use print preview before each printing job. You will have to pay for each print job whether you wanted it or not.
  • Handle all Humanities Studio equipment with care. If you damage any of the equipment while checked out to you, you will be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement.
  • Leave all drinks at the counter. There is absolutely no food or drink allowed in the facilities.
  • This is a place for study, please be respectful. If necessary, we will escort you out.
  • Please be aware of others around you - keep noise levels to a minimum and take cell phone conversations outside.