The BPOCS Cluster is Building Community this Summer

Meet another member of the Black Panther Oakland Community School Cluster

Dashia Wright is an incoming 4th Year at UCI from the Bay Area. She is currently majoring in Psychological Science and planning on getting a PhD in Counseling Psychology. She is extremely passionate about breaking mental health stigma and making mental health care more accessible for the Black Community.

In the coming weeks, we will be spotlighting the UCI students, graduates, and graduate students involved in the cluster's research this summer. In addition, the BPOCS Cluster is hosting a series of talks and events this summer, with a lecture on July 29th leading up to a final event on August 23rd.

I am hoping to expand knowledge about my community and the work that we’ve been doing for years. I hope to learn how to add on to the legacy of the BPP as well as other Black Organizers. I am looking forward to gaining connections with community members and others who are passionate about giving back to the Black Community. I hope that throughout this summer with the OCS Project I will challenge myself intellectually and think critically about the information given to me.