L.A. Rebellion: Ethos and Legacy

A series of Webinars on the films and filmmakers of the L.A. Rebellion

The UCI Humanities Center, in collaboration with the Department of Film and Media Studies, presents a series of Zoom Webinars on the L.A. Rebellion film movement. Film Screening links will be provided to registered webinar attendees. 

Thursday, 4/15/21 4pm
Haile & Shirikiana Gerima - “A Legacy of Fierce Independence”
L.A. Rebellion, veteran independent filmmakers, The Gerimas discuss building their collective
body of work from “Bush Mama” to “Footsteps of Pan Africanism.”

Thursday 4/22/21 4pm
Zeinabu Davis & Alile Sharon Larkin – “Women of The LA Rebellion”
Zeinabu Davis & Alile Sharon Larkin discuss the second wave - women filmmakers, their
voices, perspective and interiority.

Thursday 4/29/21 4pm
Grace Lee & Damani Baker – “Shedding Light on Activists Stories”
Grace Lee & Damani Baker discuss their documentary films “American Revolutionary: The
Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs” and “House on Coco Road”

Thursday 5/06/21 4pm
Merawi Gerima & Sophia Nahli Allison – “Channeling Collectivity and Cultural Memory”
Dr. Philana Payton moderates a discussion with filmmakers Merawi Gerima (Spirit Award
Nominated feature film “Residue”) and Sophia Nahli Allison (Academy Award Nominated Short
Documentary “A Love Song for Latasha)