The subtle and not-so-subtle impact of enslavement of Africans on U.S. policies and principles

Third in video series on the 1619 Project, Marisabel Perez, one of the four finalists, shares how the project impacted her.

My name is Marisabel Perez. I am a 4th year Social Policy & Public Service and Political Science double major at UCI. This year I am a cohort member of the Deconstructing Diversity Initiatives (DDI) program where students understand their roles in the fight for racial and ethnic justice through a deeper understanding of racial issues within the U.S. Through DDI, I was able to engage with the 1619 Project and was able to learn more about the subtle and not-so-subtle impact the enslavement of Africans has had in U.S. policies and principles.

View Marisabel's video here.