Interested in a graduate student-led space to share teaching challenges and triumphs?

Meet Clare Bettencourt, a Ph.D. candidate in History and the 2019-2020 facilitator for the School of Humanities Graduate Learning Communities.

Clare Gordon Bettencourt is a PhD candidate in History at the University of California, Irvine. Her dissertation, “Bread and Butter Policy: America’s Food Identity Standards, 1938-2018” traces the framing, enforcement, and impact of food identity standards, a body of pure food regulations created and enforced by the Food and Drug Administration.
She is currently a Pedagogical Fellow with UCI’s Division of Teaching Excellence, and facilitator of the School of Humanities Graduate Student Learning Community on Teaching. This new learning community, founded by Pedagogical Fellow Yao Pei (German) in 2019, gives graduate students in the humanities a low-stakes place to work through teaching challenges and learn new techniques from their peers.
The School of Humanities Graduate Student Learning Community on Teaching meets on a monthly basis during the quarter and fulfills the requirements for Mellon 5+2 pedagogy trainings. For more information, please contact Clare Bettencourt.