Inequalities in STEM Graduate Student Researcher - applications due June 29

Department: Humanities Center

Post Date: June 19, 2020

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Inequality in STEM Graduate Student Researcher
GSR Joint Appointment in School of Physical Sciences and Humanities Center 2020-2021
Applications due via Google Forms by June 29, 2020 |

The current national focus on racial inequities has brought increased attention to racial and gender inequalities in academia. According to the UC Infocenter Workplace Diversity statistics, as of October 2019, UCI faculty was comprised of 41.4% women and 58.6% men. However, in STEM disciplines, the percentages are 37% women and 63% men. Data for ladder-rank faculty as of October 2019 are 67% white, 20.1% AAPI, 5.9% Hispanic/Latinx, .4% American Indian, and 3.3% Black/African American. On June 10, 2020, the School of Physical Sciences hosted a town hall to discuss race and our departments and School, which we see as only a first step.

The Inequality in STEM Graduate Student Researcher will hold a joint appointment with the School of Physical Sciences and the Humanities Center, supervised by Mu-Chun Chen, Professor of Physics and Astronomy and Equity Advisor for the School of Physical Sciences. The GSR will work closely with Dr. Chen to examine the disparity in representation and experience in STEM, through the lens of history, race, and gender, to help develop a roadmap for removing such inequalities through policy and education. This project’s goals are to develop meaningful programmatic and intellectual exchanges within the School of Physical Sciences, across campus in partnership with the Office of Inclusive Excellence, and with the American Physical Society.

We seek someone who can engage in cross-disciplinary dialogue, bringing the humanities into conversation with science, technology, and mathematics; who can think imaginatively about intellectual collaborative possibilities; and who has the ability to work independently and in consultation with a broader team. This is a 9 months (October 2020-June 2021), 50% FTE appointment, with a stipend comparable to a TA salary, as well as in-state tuition and fees remission for the academic year. The GSR will work 20 hours per week. We expect that the GSR will primarily work remotely due to campus policies in response to COVID-19.

Key responsibilities include:
o   Meeting regularly with Dr. Chen to discuss plans and brainstorm ideas;
o   Analyzing existing initial reports on the current status of underrepresented 
     minority groups in STEM;
o   Facilitating partnerships, including regular communications;
o   Building inter-school communities through programming and/or research project;
o   Engaging Physical Sciences faculty, graduate and undergraduate students in programs and
     activities through outreach and publicity;
o   Reporting on the research findings and proposed roadmap as well as the cross-disciplinary
     experience at the end of the project.

Eligibility: Currently enrolled School of Humanities PhD students.

To Apply: Upload a cover letter (max 2 pages) addressed to Dr. Mu-Chun Chen and a two-page resume via Google Forms by June 29, 2020.