Podcasting about China: A Roundtable

Department: Humanities Center

Date and Time: February 25, 2022 | 12:00 PM-1:00 PM

Event Location: HG1030 & Livestreamed

Event Details

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This event will take place in HG 1030 & Live streamed.

This event, co-sponsored by UCI’s International Center for Writing and Translation and Forum for the Academy and the Public and co-moderated by UCI doctoral students June Ke and Shiqi Lin, will focus on how global understanding of issues related to Chinese cultural issues can be expanded via podcasts that take different kinds of approaches to the topic.

The panel features two experienced podcast hosts who were both born in China but as now based in other parts of the world: Cindy Yu, a graduate of Oxford now working as a journalist in London, and Afra Wang, a UCI alum working in the world of news and tech in the Bay Area. Also featured will be Yangyang Cheng, a physicist and cultural commentator currently a fellow at Yale Law School who often guests on podcasts. They will discuss the role that podcasts can play in discussions of topics ranging from protests to propaganda, music to medical crises, cross-cultural misunderstandings to the Korean wave’s impact around the world.