Writing 60

Welcome to Writing 60, the second of two required lower-division writing courses. Like WR 50, 60 focuses on critical reading and rhetoric and teaches you intellectual strategies for identifying, understanding, and then using various genres and rhetorical situations for important communicative purposes. WR 60 deepens your understanding of rhetoric and communication by teaching you how to conduct research and to evaluate and use various types of evidence. The reading, composing, and researching practices you’ll learn in this course and the various intellectual strategies you’ll develop will help you to succeed in your other courses, prepare you to engage in the university community and in your chosen discipline, and deepen your perspective on current issues and problems and the idea of social justice itself.

In this course you will research and write about topics in fields ranging from medicine and healthcare, to education, to urban studies and environmentalism, race and social justice, free speech and the Internet, video games and society, animals and ethical concerns, and more. A number of interesting core texts provide jumping-off points for research and discussions in WR 60 classes. See the link below for this quarter’s sections and their themes.

To be eligible for WR 60, you must have passed WR 45 or WR 50 with a grade of C or better.

Assistant Course Directors:
  • Sarah Hanson-Kegerreis: shanson@uci.edu
  • Peter Cibula: pcibulai@uci.edu
  • Chris Varela: cjvarela@uci.edu
Click here to see the Common Syllabus:  WR 60 Common Syllabus
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