WR 40A

Writing 40A is a 6-unit course (as opposed to the 4-unit WR 40) that is designed for multilingual students who wish to receive additional support in developing their academic literacy in English. Depending on the individual instructor, language support and instruction will be provided in each class or during designated “lab” days throughout the quarter. In addition to the standard learning outcomes for UCI composition courses (https://www.humanities.uci.edu/comp/courses/outcomes.php), 40A classes are guided by these specific learning outcomes:

• A recognition that critical reading skills are directly linked to improved writing
• A recognition that editing involves a combination of global and local revisions and, importantly, requires considerable planning and time
• A recognition of external resources such as dictionaries, thesauri, corpora, and translation software and how to use such resources appropriately and strategically
• A recognition that writing is a social act that can be enhanced by appropriate support from instructors, peers, and others, such as tutors at the Writing Center
• A recognition that college-level academic writing requires a flexible, creative, and organic approach rather than one that is formulaic and mechanical (e.g., overreliance on 5-paragraph essay structure, numerical transition words, etc.)

Writing 40A also fulfills the entry-level writing requirement. If you are required to take Academic English/ESL courses, you must complete those courses before enrolling in WR 40A. If you are not sure about your status,
check with the Program in Academic English/ESL in HIB 201 (824-6781).

If you have questions about 40A, please contact the assistant course directors:
  • Jennifer Geraci: jgeraci@uci.edu
  • Keith Danner: kdanner@uci.edu
Additional information on required texts will be provided by your instructor. Please note the first day attendance rule.