Courses Overview

The WR 39 Sequence

Student Learning Outcomes for the WR 39 Sequence (WR 39AWR 39B, and WR 39C)

Students who have fulfilled the University-wide Entry Level Writing Requirement begin the WR 39 sequence with WR39B and then move on to WR 39C.

Students who have not yet fulfilled the Entry Level Writing Requirement by other means must begin the sequence with WR 39A.

Students who have not yet fulfilled the UC Entry Level Writing Requirement may also be required to take Academic English/ESL courses before they can enroll in any WR 39 courses. Students who must take Academic English/ESL courses will receive a letter during the summer regarding testing and course placement.

WR 39 Variations

WR 37, Intensive Writing, combines WR 39A and WR 39B into a single six-unit course. Only selected students may elect this option; eligible students will receive a letter of notification from the Program.

WR 30 (Poetry) and WR 31 (Fiction) are English Department courses that offer a balanced mix of creative and critical writing, with readings in the literature of the genre. Any student interested in creative writing may take WR 30 or WR 31 as an elective introduction to the craft and a foundation for the creative writing track in English. Students who pass WR 37 or WR 39B with a grade of “B” or better may choose to take one of these courses in lieu of WR 39C.

Petitioning a Lower Division Writing Course

If you have taken an English composition writing course at a college outside of California and wish to petition a lower division writing course at UCI, you will need to fill out the petition by clicking here:

Entry Level Writing:
Writing 39B/Writing 39C:

Your petition will be reviewed by a Composition course director, we will contact you via email with the decision. A copy of the decision will also be sent to your counseling office.

If you took the writing course at a California community college, you do not need to fill out a petition but please consult with a counselor in the school of your major for assistance in determining if the class you took is transferable.