Date Time Program Title
04/21/2212:00 PMHumanities CenterFrom Tirlemont to Dagestan: Fake news of Nadir Shah and its consequences
02/28/2204:00 PMHumanities CenterSURC Presents Francesca Polletta: "Does Bridging Our Divides Require that We Become Friends First?"
02/26/2209:00 AMHumanities CenterGlobal China in an Anxious Age - A Forum for the Academy and the Public Event (Day 2)
02/25/2203:00 PMHumanities CenterGlobal China in an Anxious Age - A Forum for the Academy and the Public Event (Day 1)
02/25/2212:00 PMHumanities CenterPodcasting about China: A Roundtable
02/25/2212:00 PMHumanities CenterLARB Publishing Workshop 2022: Info Session
02/18/2210:30 AMHumanities CenterAnti-white Supremacy Reading Group
02/11/2211:00 AMHumanities CenterPedagogy & Coffee
02/08/2212:00 PMHumanities CenterStory in the Shadow of the Refugee Regime: A Talk by Mai-Linh Hong
02/03/2205:00 PMHumanities CenterPulitzer-Prize winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen, "Refugees, Language, and the Meaning of 'America'"
02/03/2212:00 PMHumanities CenterSpecial Exhibit - "Literally Displaced: Writing the Southeast Asian Diaspora"
02/01/2208:30 AMHumanities CenterLiterally Displaced: Writing the Southeast Asian Diaspora
01/30/2206:00 PMHumanities CenterUni Hills Book Club Discussion of Viet Thanh Nguyen's "The Refugees"
01/28/2212:00 PMHumanities CenterThe Center for Early Cultures & New Swan Shakespeare Center Lunch Lecture: Leonard Barkan
01/21/2212:00 PMHumanities CenterDemystifying Book Publishing for First-Gen Scholars
01/20/2204:00 PMHumanities CenterBeyond the Campus/Community Split: A Conversation on Effective Partnerships
12/15/2101:00 PMHumanities CenterGraduate Futures Reading Group: Katina Rogers, "Inclusive Systems, Vibrant Scholarship"
12/09/2101:00 PMHumanities CenterTiny Desk Skillshare: Your Online Platforms
12/09/2110:00 AMHumanities CenterLeviathan Unbound: Hobbes Across the Disciplines
12/09/2111:00 AMHumanities CenterThe New Class Analysis: Perspectives from the Academy and Beyond with Catherine Liu, George Hoare and Alex Hochuli
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