International Student TAs: Panel / Forum

 Humanities Center     Apr 11 2019 | 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM HIB 137

International TAs sometimes face challenges establishing authority in the classroom; encountering new pedagogical set-up culturally different from home; balancing between "too strict" lecture-teaching styles and "activity-based" learning; and managing culturally insensitive or hostile student-teacher situations. Given that international TAs bring diversity to the humanities and can offer fresh perspectives on the pedagogical practices of different disciplines and since UCI, in recent years, recruited a considerable number of international TAs, we plan to bring some of the following issues to the forefront for a round-table discussion.

Grading, teaching, and classroom management among different cultures of instruction
Mentoring and being mentored: the international graduate student perspective
Milestones and requirements: the Speak test
Articulating strengths as well as challenges
Future actions: sharing resources, creating a community

Pratichi Priyambada (History)
Anandi Rao (Comparative Literature)
Yao Pei (German)

Moderated by Julia Lupton, Humanities Commons

Sponsored by the Mellon 5+2 Program.

Lunch will be served.