a conference
hosted by the graduate students in the Department of Comparative Literature at
UC Irvine
May 5&6, 2006




emergent scholarship panel

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screening: experimental film shorts "global visions: memory-traces, libidinal imaginaries, and intercessory images"

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"global states"
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Friday May 5, 2006

Time, Event, [Location]
8:00-9:00 Breakfast/Registration [HIB 137]
9:00-10:30 “Counter States:” Respondent: Jane Newman; Moderator: Wendy Piquemal, [HIB 135]
10:30-12:00 “Imagistic Collectivities” Respondent: Catherine Liu; Moderator: Michelle Cho, [HIB 135]
12:00-1:00 Lunch [HIB 137]
1:00-2:30 “Disjunctured Resemblance, Intersubjective Drag” Respondent: Simon Leung; Moderator: Chuan Chen [HIB 135]
2:00-4:00 Film Screening: "Global Imaginations" [HIB 110]
2:30-4:00 “[Re]defining us and them: Crossing the Line” Respondent: Ketu Katrak; Moderator: Wendy Piquemal [HIB 135]
4:00-6:00 Emergent Scholarship Roundtable: "Anecdotes on the Academic Public(ation) Fetish" [HIB 135]
6:00 Reception, [HIB 137]
8:00-? Drinks and Dancing at Chakra

Saturday May 6, 2006

Time, Event, [Location]
8:00-9:00 Coffee, HIB 137
9:00-10:30 “Politics of Return” Respondent: Lindon Barrett; Moderator: Erin Trapp [HIB 135]
9:00-10:30 “Contesting Colonial Inscriptions” Respondent: Adriana Johnson; Moderator: Michelle Cho [HIB 341]
10:30-12:00 “Queer Be/Longings” Respondent: Annette Schlichter; Moderator: Anna Cavness [HIB 135]
10:30-12:00 "Affective Capital" Respondent: Eyal Amiran; Moderator: Tim Wong [HIB 341]
12:00-1:00 Lunch [HIB 137]
1:00-2:30 “Interstitial Subjectivations” Respondent: Dina Al-Kassim; Moderator: Anna Cavness [HIB 135]
1:00-2:30 “Remote Control” Respondent: John Smith; Moderator: Tim Wong [HIB 341]
2:30-4:00 “Global Hauntings” Respondent: Rei Terada; Moderator: Erin Trapp [HIB 135]
4:30-6:00 Keynote Dialogue: Gayatri Spivak and Judith Butler [HH 178]
6:30-8:00 Reception [HIB 135]