a conference
hosted by the graduate students in the Department of Comparative Literature at
UC Irvine
May 5&6, 2006


Featuring a keynote dialogue between Judith Butler, Maxine Elliot Professor in Rhetoric and Comparative Literature at UC Berkeley, and Gayatri Spivak, Avalon Foundation Professor in the Humanities at Columbia University.

“Global States” seeks to explore the two terms, “global” and “state” with a particular emphasis on the global’s invocation of the logic and rhetoric of affect:states of mind, bodily states, emotional states, and states of identity. Our hope is to bring together diverse members of the UCI community as well as a number of visiting scholars to query how the “global” as a concept, ideology, and physical structure, is central and unavoidable in both contemporary and historical processes of state and individual identity-formation. The conference would be an occasion to probe the ways that interdisciplinary scholarship might elucidate the “global” as a concept that oscillates between openness and foreclosure, and examine the “global’s” recalibrating effect upon post-colonialism, multiculturalism, ethnic and area studies, discourses of knowledge and power, literary analysis, and theories of subjectivity. We hope to explore “global states” in literary, cultural, aesthetic, political, and affective registers.

This conference will delineate various "states" of sentiment, desire, or affect, and examine their deployment on--or relation to--the global scene of political and economic "states."  Within contemporary landscapes, the proliferating language of sentiment and feeling (memory, mourning, terror, cruelty, suffering, pleasure, paranoia, and nostalgia) appears encoded in political, economic, and legal processes.  Our intention is to shift the parameters of current debates on globalization onto new planes of experience and to interrogate the neutral terms under which the name of the global is invoked. 

What forms and relations of subjectivity are generated at the quilting point of states of sentiment and politico-economic states?

How might states of sentiment underscore the conditions constitutive of rational states, normative and ontological?

What resistant possibilities are enabled through states of sentiment?  Renewed forms of subjectivity, collectivity, globality?



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Graduate Students and "Global States" Visitors, announcing a lecture by: BERNARD STIEGLER
May 4, 2006 4:00 PM
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