CTE Mini-Seminar Presents: Axelle Karera, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Emory University

 Critical Theory at UCI     Oct 19 2021 - Oct 21 2021 | 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM IN PERSON: HG1030 and HG1002

Join UCI Critical Theory on
October 19, 20, and 21, 3PM - 5PM PST
The Critical Theory Emphasis Mini-Seminar: The Black Anthropocene


Dr. Axelle Karera

Tuesday, October 19, 3-5PM PST, HG1030: Lecture - "The Black Anthropocene"

Wednesday,  October 20, 3-5PM PST, HG1030: Lecture - "No Human; No World"

Thursday October 21, 3-5PM PST, HG1002: Discussion Seminar

All events are IN PERSON

NOTE that UCI students taking this mini-seminar for credit MUST attend the discussion seminar to receive credit (public lectures optional but strongly recommended). Students are also highly encouraged to request the assigned texts using THIS FORM

Dr. Axelle Karera, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Emory College, works at the intersection of 20th century continental philosophy, the critical philosophy of race (particularly Black critical theory), contemporary critical theory, and the environmental humanities. In addition to forthcoming work on Blackness and ontology, she is currently completing her first monograph titled The Climate of Race: Blackness and the Pitfalls of Anthropocene Ethics, in which she examines the question of relationality in new materialist ontology and speculative realism's purported return to metaphysics. More importantly, the book's investigations attempts the discern the ethical crux of critical thought in the age of the Anthropocene, with the aim to attend to its powerful - and perhaps even necessary - disavowals on matters pertaining to racial ecocide.