Quarterly Approved Courses

Course Instructor Title
Anthro 134A  Fletcher, E.  Medical Anthropology
Anthro 134B Fletcher, E.  Cultures of Biomed
Anthro 134F O'Rourke, S.  Anthro of the Body
Crm/Law C160 Scurich, N.  Forensic Psychology
Gen&Sex 110D Terry, J.  Politics Health Med
History 190 Highsmith, A.  US Health Inequality
Intl St 103A Goldstein, R.  Global Health Cases
Intl St 122 Whiteley, J.  Nuclear Environment
Lit Jrn 103 Tobar, H.  Writing Race in US
Psych 120A Lewis, J.  Abnormal Psychology
Psy Beh 103H Rinehart, J.  Health Psychology
Psy Beh 183S Ro, A. Social Epidemiology
Sociol 159 Goldberg, D.  Social Inequality & Health
Sociol 159 Schuster, T.  Sociology of Mental Health
Sociol 161 Strings, S.  Sociology of Sex and Gender

Course Instructor Title
AfAm 157  Murillo, J.  Critical Race Theory
AsianAm 110 Lee, J.      Narratives of Illness
Anthro 128B    Fletcher, E. Race, Gender & Science
Anthro 134A Jenks, A.  Medical Anthro
Anthro 139 Fletcher E.  Global Mental Health
Chc/Lat 152B Lebron, A.  Community, Justice & Health
Chc/Lat 168 Campos, B.  Ch/Lat Social Psych
Chc/Lat 176 Fletcher, E.  Race Gender & Science
Chc/Lat 178A    Jenks, A.  Medical Anthro
Crm/Law 124 Turner, S.  Mental Health & Justice System
Crm/Law 178 Murillo, J.  Critical Race Theory
Gen&Sex 120C Scheper, J.  Practice of Embodiment
Lit Jrn 101B Hayasaki, E.  Science Narratives
Philos 120 Heis, J.      Philos of Race
Philos 131C Donaldson, B. Medical Ethics
Psych 146MW Chubb, C.  Writing About Memory
Sociol 159  Wang, F.  Global Health and Development
Soc Sci 189 Valdez, A.  Drugs and Society

Course Instructor Title
Anthro 128B/Chc/Lat 176 Jenks, A.  Race, Gender & Science
Anthro 139 Hamdy, S.  Comics and Medicine
Crm/Law C136 Novaco, R.  Advanced Forensic Psych
Crm/Law C178 Han, S.  Critical Race Theory
Drama 118     Kubiak, A.  Healing Performance
History 135E Philip, K.  Biosci: Ethics & Diversity
History 144G Imada, A.  Disability in U.S. 
Psych 160D Brewer, A.  Brain Disorders
Sociol 154 Schuster, T.  Medical Sociology
Sociol 161 Bolzendahl, C. Sociology of Sex and Gender