Quarterly Approved Courses

Anthro 134B Cultures of Biomed. Riley, T.
History 190 Health Inequality Highsmith, A.
Philos 164 Well-Being Staff
Psci 102C Abnormal Psychology Jamner, L.
Psci 103H Health Psychology Yim, I.
Psci 183S Social Epidemiology Garfin, D.
Psych 120A Abnormal Psychology Lewis, J.
Sociol 151 Social Inequalities and Health Goldberg, R.
Sociol 161 Sociology of Sex and Gender Staff

Anthro 128B Race Gender & Science Lowman, C. 
Anthro 134 A Medical Anthro     Hamdy, S. 
Anthro 134B Cultures of Biomed Jenks, A. 
Chc/Lat 178 Health & Lat Paradox Almeida, I. 
PSCI 103H Health Psychology Rinehart, J. 
PSCI 141H  Clinical Health Psych     Heine, B. 
PSCI 183S  Social Epidemiology Molina, K. 
Sociology 159 Soc Mental Health Schuster, T.