Quarterly Approved Courses

Course Instructor Title
History 12 A. Borucki Atlantic Slaving
History 100W         A. Borucki Black Narratives
History 151A V. Ruiz Chicana/o History
History 166 C R. Duncan Cuban Sociey & Revolution 
History 169 A. Rosas History of Mexico and Popular Culture
History 190 H. Tinsman Latin American Gender & Sexuality
Chc/Lat 61 A. Rosas
Chicano Studies I
Chc/Lat 62 A. Morales Chicano Studies II
Chc/Lat 64 L. Desipio Intro Race & Ethnicity
Chc/Lat 80 A. Casavantes Bradford Latino Childhoods
Chc/Lat 101 C. Feliciano Research Latino Communities
Chc/Lat 151 L. Desipio Latinos in US Politics
Chc/Lat 152A G. Ward Race Ethnicity & Social Control
Chc/Lat 154 R. Torres Latino Metropolis
Spanish 101B I. Hernandez-Torres Intro Latin American Literature & Culture
Spanish 110B I. Hernandez-Torres Caribbean Diasporas
Spanish 140 A. Morales Chicano Lit & Culture

Course Instructor Title
History 50 S. Topik Latin American Revolutions
History 151B  A. Rosas  20th Century Chicanas/os
History 163 S. Topik World of Coffee
History 166B  H. Tinsman Revolution and Reaction in Latin American
History 169 R. Duncan Latin American Religion
FM 112  C. Benamou Melodrama in Film and TV
SP 101B  J. Sefami Introduction to Latin American Literature and Culture
SP 130C  J. Sefami 20th Century Mexican Literature
SP 160 H. Legras Latin American Film 
Chc/Lat 64/Poli Sci 61A M. Tesler Intro Race & Ethnicity
Chc/Lat 65/Sociology 68A C. Feliciano Ethnic & Immigrant America
Chc/Lat 129 J. Morales Latina/o Spirituality
Chc/Lat 129/History 151B A. Rosas 20th Century Chicanas/os
Chc/Lat 148W/Sociology 167AW B. Robnett Race/Ethnic Relations US
Chc/Lat 153/Crm/Law C156 J. Vigil  X-Cul Urban Gangs
Chc/Lat 166 R. Torres Chicano Movement
Chc/Lat 168 B. Campos Ch/Lat Social Psych
Chc/Lat 169 L. Enriques/L. Desipio Undocumented Immigrant Experience
Chc/Lat 170 J. Castellanos Chicano/Latino Family
Chc/Lat 176/Anthro 128B/Gen&Sex 188A A. Jenks Race, Gender, Science
Chc/Lat 178A/Anthro 134A M. Montoya Medical Anthropology 

Course Instructor Title