Quarterly Approved Courses

Course # Title Instructor
History 166A Gender, Race, Nation Latin America H. Tinsman
History 169 History of Mexico & Popular Culture A. Rosas
Chc/Lat 61 Chicano Studies I G. Gonzales
Chc/Lat 62 Chicano Studies II A. Morales
Chc/Lat 63 Chicano Studies III L. Desipio
Chc/Lat 64/Pol Sci 61 Intro Race & Ethnicity L. Desipio
Chc/Lat 101 Research Latino Communities A. Rosas
Chc/Lat 135 Latinas 20th Century US A. Rosas
Chc/Lat 154 Latino Metropolis R. Torres
Chc/Lat 155/Crm/Law 172 Cultural Change & Mexican People J. Vigil
Chc/Lat 170 Chicano/Latino Family J. Castellanos
Sp 101B Intro. Latin American Lit and Cultura H. Legras
Sp 110B
Politics & Latin American Lit 20th Century
A. Amar Sanchez
Sp 130C Racism & Immigration in Latin American Literature A. Amar Sanchez
SP 140/Chc/Lat 110
Chicano Literature: Poetry
A. Morales
Sp 160
Mexico & Brazil
C. Benamou
Course # Title Instructor
None found.
Course # Title Instructor
None found.