Quarterly Approved Courses (2013-2014)

Course # Title Instructor
History 151A/Chc/Lat 132A Chicana/o History - 1900 V. Ruiz
History 166B/Intl St 177G Rev & Reaction in Latin America H. Tinsman
His 166C/Intl St177E/Pol Sci 153G Soc Scie 173P Cuban Society & Revolution R. Duncan
History 148B/Chc/Lat 169 Histoy US/Mexico Borderland A. Rosas
Dance 12 Spanish Dance I N. Ruyter
English 105/ Chc Lat 129 Latino Literature R. Lazo
Soc Sci 130 Transnational Gangs A. Valdez
Chc/Lat 61 Chicano Studies I  
Chc/Lat 62 Chicano Studies II  
Chc/Lat 64 Intro Race & Ethnicity L. Desipio
Chc/Lat 135 Latinas 20th Century US A. Rosas
Chc/Lat 169 Latino Immigration & Inc G. Flores
Chc/Lat 152A
Race, Ethnicity, & Social Control
G. Ward
Sp 101B Intro. Latin American Lit and Cultura A. Amar Sanchez
SP 110B
Latin American Travel Narratives
A. Amar Sanchez
Sp 130A
Colonial Encounters
I. Hernandez-Torres
SP 140/Chc/Lat 110
Chicano Lit: Poetry
A. Morales
Course # Title Instructor
History 164A Carib History I  
History 190 Lat. Am. Export Economy  
Dance 12B Spanish Dance I  
English 105/ Chc Lat 129 Latino/na Lit. & Rel.  
Film & Media Studies 112 Transnational Telenovela  
Spanish 101B Intro Latin American Lit & Cult  
Spanish 186 Five Lat Amer Poets  
Chc/Lat 114 Film Latino Community  
Chc/Lat 121 Latin Pop Culture  
Chc/Lat 129 Chc/Lat Cultural Studies  
Chc/Lat 134 Chc/Lat Lit. and Cult. (same as Span. 110C)  
Chc/Lat 142 Latinos and the Law  
Chc/Lat 154
Latino Metropolis
Chc/Lat 160 Perspectives US-Mex Border  
Course # Title Instructor
Not Available