Quarterly Approved Courses (2012-2013)

Course # Title Instructor
History 169/IS 179/Poli Sci 159 Latin American & Caribbean R. Duncan
Dance 12A Spanish Dance N. Ruyter
CLS 61 Chicano Studies I  
CLS 62 Chicano Studies II  
CLS 101 Research Latino Communities A. Rosas/L. Desipio
CLS 129 Popular Culture D. Vargas
CLS 129 Central American Literature A. Morales
CLS 135 Latinas 20th Century US A. Rosas
CLS 154 Latino Metropolis  
CLS 155/Crm Law 172 Cultural Change & Mexican People J. Vigil
CLS 158W Feminisms of Color D. Vargas
CLS 160/Intl St 177B/Soc Sci 173 Perspectives US-Mexico Bordor R. Chavira
History 70D
Colonial Resistance Latin America
R. O'Toole
History 151/CHC/LAT 135 Latinas 20th Century US A. Rosas
History 169
Latin America: Gender, Race, Nation
H. Tinsman
History 190
Chile: Democracy/Dictatorship
H. Tinsman
Sp 101B
Intro. Latin American Lit and Cultura
J. Sefami
SP 110B
Latin American Travel Narratives
V. Mahieux
Sp 130C
Mexico City in Literature and Film
V. Mahieux
Course # Title Instructor
History 144G Spanish California Staff
History 163 World of Coffee S. Topik
History 164A Caribbean History I W. James
History 165
Race & Empire Colonial Latin America
R. O'Toole
History 190
Sex & Race in Latin American
R. O'Toole
CL 160
Politics in Latin American Film
A. Johnson
FMS 150
Ethnic Media
C. Benamou
English 102C
Hemispheric America
R. Lazo
Spanish 140/CLS 110
Chicano Literature
A. Morales
CLS 114
Film/Latino Community
G. Gonzalez
CLS 129
Latina/o Music
CLS 61
Chicano Studies 1
CLS 63
Chicano Studies III
G. Flores
CLS 139 Latina/o Childhoods A. Casavantes
CLS 158W Feminisms of Color L. Alvarado
CLS 160/IS 177B/SS 173I Perspective US-Mex Border R. Chavira
CLS 166/PP&D 177 Chicano Movement R. Torres
CLS 170/SS 165 Chicano/Latino Fam Staff
CLS 170 Relationships & Health Latinos B. Campos
Art/History 167/IS 189
D. Bauer
Course # Title Instructor
History 12 Transatlantic Slavery A. Borucki
History 70D Latin America: Mayan-Pres (Core Course) S. Topik
History 162 History of Brazil S. Topik

History 166/Chc Lat150/IntlSt177D/
Soc Sci 123A

U.S. Intervention in Latin America
R. Duncan
History 169
Black Narratives in Latin America
A. Borucki
Spanish 44
Hisp Lit: Non Majors
Spanish 50 Cultural Politics of Contemporary Latin America (Core Course) H. Legras
Spanish 101B
Introduction to Latin American Literature and Culture
I. Hernandez-Torres
Spanish 130C
Mexico City in Literature and Film
V. Mahieux
FMS 160
Mexican & Brazilian Cinema and Media
C. Benamou
Dance 12C
Spanish Dance 1
N. Ruyter
Chc Lat 139
Chicana/o History Film
A. Rosas
Chc Lat 62
Chicano Studies 1I
G. Estrada
Chc Lat 63
Chicano Studies III
Chc Lat 64 Intro Race & Ethnicity C. Kim
Chc Lat 65 Ethnic & Immigrant America C. Feliciano
Chc Lat 132B 20th Century Chicanas/os A. Rosas
Chc Lat 148W/Soc 167A Race/Ethnic Relations US S. Bailey
Chc Lat 152A/CrmLaw C116 Race Ethnic & Social Control G. Ward
Chc Lat 153/CrmLaw C156X Cult Urban Gangs J. Vigil
Chc Lat 159
Chc/Latinos & Labor G. Flores
Chc Lat 159/Intl St 179/Pol Sci 159/
Soc Sci 189
Mexican Politics R. Chavira
Chc Lat 169 Latino Immigration & Inc G. Flores
Chc Lat 183 Educ 124 Multicultural Ed K-12