All's fair in love, war, and Shakespeare trivia

Department: New Swan Shakespeare Center

Post Date: May 2, 2021

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  Shakespeare Birthday
  Which of these Shakespeare plays has been translated into Klingon?
            A. Julius Cesar
            B. Hamlet
            C. Comedy of Errors
            D. Richard II

If you chose Hamlet, you, along with 63% of participants at Fair Game, our recent trivia challenge, guessed right!

On Friday, April 23rd, Shakespeare fans went head-to-head answering questions like this one, all to celebrate the Bard’s birthday, hosted by UCI Libraries and the New Swan Shakespeare Center.

Between live performances by New Swan actors Hope Andrejack and Abel Garcia and songs by Jason Feddy, participants answered questions about anything from the origins of the title of Twelfth Night to the name of the merchant of Venice.

The ultimate winner of the game was a mysterious player named Corambis. Test your knowledge: to what Shakespeare character does Corambis refer?

Corambis, later revealed to be UCSC’s Sean Keilen, is another name for Polonius, taken from the Bad Quarto of Hamlet. But despite his namesake being something of a foolish wit, Keilen proved himself to be anything but, maintaining his lead despite efforts to usurp his throne.

In the end, everyone came away with a  few new facts about Shakespeare, his works, and their translation into alien languages.

Join the party and test your knowledge by watching the video here.

Article by Megan Strand, an English major and intern for the New Swan Shakespeare Center