The Major and Minor in Religious Studies

The curriculum of our major and minor seeks to provide understanding and knowledge of the religious experience in society through relevant study in the Schools of Humanities, Social Sciences, Social Ecology, and the Arts. It employs a wide variety of approaches and methods in order to comprehend in the broadest sense the role of religion and its relationship to other significant human factors. Note that our faculty encourages students to take at least some of the courses for the major or minor at universities abroad, either through the University of California's Education Abroad Program, or independently. See the Education Abroad entry of this website.

The major's emphasis on broad cultural understanding, critical thinking skills, and clear written expression provides extremely effective preparation for graduate study in the liberal arts or in university professional schools. Moreover, as a second major, it can add great breadth and depth to any undergraduate degree.

Students wishing to major, or double-major, in Religious Studies but who have completed their lower division School requirements in a School other than Humanities should consult the Director of Religious Studies for assistance in determining how required lower division courses in Humanities can most easily be fulfilled.  The minor is open to all UCI students.

The UCI Career Center can attest to the attractiveness of the Religious Studies major. We urge students and alumni to take advantage of the services it provides, including general counseling, information about job opportunities, a career library, and workshops on resumé preparation, job search, and interview techniques.
Requirements for the Bachelor’s DegreePlease view the UCI Catalogue for the most current requirements.