Primer Gol: here at UCI

Expand enrollments of the Undergraduate Minor and the Graduate Emphasis in Latin American Studies.

Develop further interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate degrees related to Latin America.

Enlarge the network of scholars across UCI to support course development and graduate research support.

Increase educational activities on the history and cultures of Latin America, and on the influential role of Latin America in the United States and the larger world.

Segundo Gol: Orange County communities of Latin American ancestry

Expand our strategic partnership with community groups and institutions (e.g. theaters, museums), and members of the varied communities of Latin American ancestry and heritage across Orange County to further the goals of the LAS Center.

Increase visibility of the LAS Center as a reliable and responsible destination for the public on the study of Latin America, and of Latin America in today’s world context.

Make visible the value of the LAS Center to the UCI communities and to the communities of Latin American ancestry in Orange County.

Tercer Gol: California and Beyond

Increase the relationship of the UCI LAS Center with other centers and programs within the UC and Cal State systems and beyond, to create networks of collaborative research, co-sponsored events, and graduate training.

Contribute to and organize regional and international events (e.g. Mexican Studies Conference and So Cal Brazilian Studies Conference) to gather scholars working in Southern California as well as faculty and students across the United States and Latin America.

Increase the number of our International Visiting Scholar agreements with Latin American universities to exchange graduate students and faculty.

Collaborate with the UCI Student Abroad Center for developing travel abroad and internships opportunities for UCI students in Latin America.