Core Faculty for the LAS Minor and Graduate Emphasis

Stanley Bailey
Professor of Sociology
Race and Ethnicity (Comparative and International Perspectives), Sociology of Religion, Immigration, Latin America
Frank D. Bean
UCI Chancellor's Professor of Sociology and Economics
International Migration, Demography, Racial & Ethnic Relations, Economic Sociology, Family
Catherine Benamou
Associate Professor, Film & Media Studies
Latin American and Latina/o Film & media, Transnational flows and diasporic spectatorship, Orson Welles, media ethnography and historical reconstruction
Published Books
Alex Borucki
Associate Professor in History
African Diaspora, Colonial Latin America, Early Modern Atlantic World
Published Books
Susan K. Brown
Professor of Sociology
International migration, educational inequality, urban sociology
Lee CabatinganAssistant Professor of Criminology, Law & Society and Anthropology
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Belinda Campos
Associate Professor, Chicano/Latino Studies
Culture, Relationships, Positive Emotion, Health
Anita Casavantes Bradford
Casavantes Bradford
Associate Professor Chicano/Latino Studies
Transnational Comparative Latina/o History, Childhood, Immigration
Faculty Website
Published Books
Leo ChavezProfessor of Anthropology
International migration, Latin American immigrants, medical anthropology, transnational communities, breast and cervical cancer beliefs, analysis of visual images
Susan B. Coutin
Professor, Criminology, Law & Society
School of Social Ecology
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Louis Desipio
Associate Professor, Chicano/Latino Studies, Political Science
Ethnic Politics, Latino Politics, Immigration, Naturalization, U.S. electoral politics
Glenda Flores
Associate Professor of Chicano/Latino Studies
Latina/o Sociology; Immigration; Middle-Class Minorities; Race, Gender & Class; Education; Work and Occupations
Ivette N. Hernández-Torres
Associate Professor of Spanish
Latin American Colonial Literature & Caribbean Literature
Published Books
Felix Jean-Louis III
Jean-Louis III
Assistant Professor, History
Haiti, African American, Caribbean, African Diaspora, Afro-Europe, Afro-Francophone, Diaspora, Race Making, Gender
Adriana M. Johnson
Associate Professor of Comparative Literature
Brazil, Postcolonial Latin American literature, culture and film
Abigail LapinDardashti
Assistant Professor, Art History
Modern and contemporary Latin American and Latino/a/x art and architecture, history of African diasporic art in Latin America, transnationalism, migration, racial formation, activism, critical race theory, postcoloni
Rodrigo Lazo
Professor of English
American Literature, Latino Studies, Nineteenth Century, Hemispheric American Studies, Immigrant/Migrant Fiction
Published Books
Horacio Legras
Director, Latin American Studies
Professor of Spanish
Latin American Culture. Psychoanalysis. Philosophy. Political Theory. Popular Culture and Insurgency. Photography
Faculty Website
Viviane Mahieux
Associate Professor of Spanish
Modern and contemporary Latin American literature, with a focus on Mexico
Published Books
William Maurer
Department Chair and Professor of Anthropology
Anthropology of law; globalization; Caribbean; anthropology of money and finance; gender and kinship
Rachel O'Toole
Associate Professor of History
Colonial Latin America, African Diaspora, Gender & Sexuality
Published Books
Gustavo OliveiraAssistant Professor, Global & International Studies
Faculty Website
Mamyrah ProsperAssistant Professor, Global & International Studies
Specializes in research on social movements in the Caribbean and Latin America - particularly Black and Haitian social movements
Ana Elizabeth Rosas
Associate Professor, Chicano/Latino Studies, History
Chicana/o Comparative History, Immigration, Ethnicity
Published Books
Ruben Rumbaut
Professor of Sociology
U.S. Foreign Policy, U.S.-Latin American Relations, Mexican-American Politics, Orange County Homeless and a Community Study of Mexican Americans (on Mt. Vernon St.) in San Bernardino
Chelsea Schields
Assistant Professor, History
Caribbean; Europe; decolonization; gender and sexuality; race; oil; global history
Published Books
Patricia Seed
Professor of History
Mapping: History & Design, Game Design, Navigation
Published Books
Jacobo Sefami
Professor of Spanish
Modern and Contemporary Latin American Poetry/ Mexican Literature/ Spanish American Literature
Published Books
Caesar D. Sereseres
Associate Professor of Political Science
U.S. Foreign Policy, U.S.-Latin American Relations, Mexican-American Politics, Orange County Homeless and a Community Study of Mexican Americans (on Mt. Vernon St.) in San Bernardino.
Etel Solingen
Professor of Political Science
International Relations Theory, International Political Economy, International Cooperation, Macropolitics/Institutions, Comparative Politics, World Politics and Regional Orders
Edward TellesDistinguished Professor, Department of Sociology
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Heidi Tinsman
Professor of History
Latin America, Gender & Sexuality, World History
Published Books
Julio Torres
Associate Professor of Spanish
Heritage/Second Language Acquisition, Bilingualism, Cognition, Task-Based Language Learning, Curriculum & Instruction