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Dr. Ssu-Fang is an award-winning fiction writer in Brooklyn, NY. Last year, her short story “Four Swans” won the most prestigious literary award in Taiwan; her story “London Fog” was serialized in Unitas Literature magazine this past summer; and her essays about NYC’s arts and cultural scenes have been published in Youth Literary Magazine. To top it off, she has received funding from the National Culture and Arts Foundation in Taiwan to write her anthology of short stories, “Global Losers.” In her spare time, she teaches language and literature at @huntercollege and @georgetownuniversity. Why did she choose to study East Asian studies at @UCIrvine?

“East Asian studies is interdisciplinary and situates literature in the nexus of politics, history, and international powers. I had my master’s in Taiwanese literature, but I had an ambition to position the subject in a broader and interactive global map. East Asian studies provided me with comparative methods to see Taiwan and literature through a more sophisticated gaze.”