The Mask Debate - Talkback

Department: Center for Critical Korean Studies

Date and Time: February 28, 2021 | 4:00 PM-5:30 PM

Event Location: Zoom Webinar

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The Mask Debate - Talkback
Sunday, February 28, 4 PM (Pacific Time)
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“The Mask Debate” (formerly known as “Pan-Damn-It!”) is a play written and produced by Kyung Hyun Kim, faculty member in the Department of East Asian Studies and Visual Studies at UC Irvine. The play tries to re-capture the sense of nightmarish comedy that many people in Orange County actually lived and still living through during the pandemic. Written as a drama that unfolds in online “ZOOM” space, it features two Korean American protagonists, P Kim (played by Anatoliy Ogay) and Gigi (played by Crystal Kim), who are on a reluctant journey to keep their children’s school from running amok due to the behavior of vocal mask-deniers. “The Mask Debate” is based on one of very first screenplays written specifically for the zoom format. This is also one of the first Korean American plays (in English, with some Korean dialogue) that has been set in Orange County, CA, the home of almost one million Korean Americans. Illuminations is proud to sponsor the world-wide premiere of this original ‘zoom play.’

A talkback webinar is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 28th 2021 at 4pm (PST) with Kyung Hyun Kim (playwright), Lia Sima Fakhouri (director), Anatoliy Ogay (P Kim), and Crystal Kim (Gigi Ha) participating live.