Koehn Lectures

Through the Koehn Lectures, funded in part by an endowment gift from Dr. Michael Koehn, UCI Critical Theory brings major scholars to campus.

Fall 2022 (October): Saidiya Hartman (lecture title to be determined)

Spring 2021 (May): Koehn Undergraduate Conference, James Bliss, Koehn Recipient

Fall 2020 (December - Reinstated): Wendy Chun, “Authenticating Figures: Algorithms and the New Politics of Recognition”

Spring 2019 (May): Koehn Undergraduate Conference, Morgan Slade, Koehn Recipient

Winter 2019 (CANCELLED): Wendy Chun, “Authenticating Figures: Algorithms and the New Politics of Recognition”

Fall 2018 (November): Silvia Federici, “The Legacy of Marx’s Work in 21st-Century Politics and Feminism”

Spring 2018 (May): Koehn Undergraduate Conference, Linette Park, Koehn Recipient

Fall 2017 (November): James Clifford, "Carlo Scarpa.  Articulation Theory.  Indigeneity.  (Working With/In History)"

Spring 2017 (May) Koehn Undergraduate Conference - Chris Malcolm, Koehn Recipient

Spring 2016 (May): Eric Santner, "Rebranding Sovereignty in the Age of Trump"

Spring 2016( May) Koehn Undergraduate Conference Sara-Maria Sorentino Koehn Recipient

Fall 2015 (October): Jacqueline Rose, “Feminism and the Abomination of Violence”

Spring 2015 (May): Undergraduate Conference, Rebecca Balon, Koehn Recipient

Winter 2015 (March): Judith Butler Koehn,  “Versions of Binationalism in Said and Buber”

Spring 2014 (May): Undergraduate Conference, Tae Sung, Koehn Recipient

Spring 2014 (May): Hortense Spillers, “Some Speculations on Sentiment:  Women and Revolutions”

Fall 2012 (October): Benedict Anderson Koehn Lecture, “Monarchies in the Age of Nationalism”

Spring 2012: Undergraduate Conference, Tim Wong, Koehn Recipient

Fall 2011 (October): Gopal Balakrishnan, “The Convolution of Capitalism”

Spring 2011 (May): Undergraduate Conference, Nasser Mufti, Koehn Recipient

Spring 2010 (June): Slavoj �i�ek, “On the Public Use of Reason”

Spring 2010  (May): Undergraduate Conference, Nasser Mufti, Koehn Recipient

Spring 2009 (May): Undergraduate Conference, Jason Willwerscheid, Koehn Recipient

Spring 2009 (May): Catherine Malabou

Spring 2008 (May): Undergraduate Conference Mia McIver-Koehn Recipient

Winter 2008 (February): Jacques Rancier, “The Contemporary Misadventures of Critical Thinking”

Spring 2007 (April): Undergraduate Conference, Jian Chen  - Koehn Recipient

Winter 2007 (February:) Alain Badiou/ Etienne Balibar, "Dialogue on “Universalism”

Spring 2006 (May): Stanley Fish 

Winter 2005 (March): Kaja Silverman, “Thoughts for our Times on Death and War”