Quarterly Approved Courses

Course Instructor Title
Human 265A Legras, H. LAT AM STUDIES I
History   250 O'Toole    COLONIALISM&LATAM
Spanish   201 Schwegler    HIST SPANISH LANG
Spanish   260      Morales-Rivera, S. READ FOR THE LAUGH
Vis Std   295 Benamou LAT AME LTX FMS THR
Chc/Lat   222 Enriquez THEORZNG ILLEGALITY

Course Instructor Title
Human 265B, Legras, H LAT AM STUDIES I
History 250B Borucki, A 19th Latin America
Spanish 239C Hernandez-Torres, I Aesthetics of Disappearance

Course Instructor Title
Human 265C, Legras, H LAT AM STUDIES I
Spanish 220  Mahieux, V Transatlantic Avant-Gardes
History 240  Topik, S. World of Commodities