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Soraya King

FreemanSoraya King graduated from UCI's Literary Journalism program in Winter, 2010. She currently works as a copy-editor and writes stories in Sacramento.




The story behind the story: For "Other Nations," I began combining research and first-hand observation in order to create a "nonfiction fable" of the "lives within the hives." Mainly I wanted to walk around in a beekeeping suit, you know what I mean? Sure you know. As my own nonfiction anthropomorphic myth progressed, however, I became just as interested in human's mythologizing of the fascinating honeybee world, exemplified time and time again throughout the glorious scope of history: from ancient cave-drawings to WWII-era political propaganda to modern phenomena like "killer bees" and "'Colony Collapse Disorder" -- and of course the "buy a carton of ice cream, save a bee'" Haagen-Dazs campaign.