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Joshua Massatt

Massatt I love writing drama. I can't get away from it; it's at the core of every story I write. When I was eight years old I wrote action adventure books, and I've continued writing ever since. It is one of my great loves. At present I'm trying to publish a historical fiction book I've written about the father of Hannibal Barca, the Carthaginian warrior who crossed the Alps with elephants to invade Rome. Hannibal's father was a great general who taught his son everything he knew. Publishing that story is my present goal. While writing books or stories can't be my job, I plan to keep working at it as a hobby all my life, telling the stories I feel should be told.

Favorite destination: The Vatican in Rome
Best read: "The Interior Castle" by Saint Teresa of Avila
Most extreme lengths you've gone to for a story: The labor I've spent on a historical fiction novel I've written about Hamilcar Barca, the father of the Hannibal Barca that crossed the Alps with elephants to invade Rome.
The story behind the story: The story behind the story for me tends to be a bit crazy. I tend to find a subject and do one big, all-encompassing interview with him or her which can take hours.