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William Hillyard

HillyardWilliam Hillyard’s story is the first of several he has written about Tijuana--other pieces have appeared in the Denver Voice and Earth Island Journal. When not south of the border, he can be found in Wonder Valley reporting and writing a series of stories about that quirky corner of the Mojave Desert. Hillyard graduated from UCI’s Literary Journalism program in spring of 2009.

Favorite destination:
Mexico.  It’s so varied and so close!
Best read:
I read Didion when I need inspiration, but if I had to pick a favorite LJ read it would be DJ Waldie’s Holy Land (or Bruce Chatwin’s In Patagonia).  
Most extreme lengths you've gone to for a story:
I spent a quarter driving around Tijuana with an AP photographer hoping to come upon drug war violence.
The story behind the story:
I met Delfino in a coffee house in TJ and he invited me down to find “the real” Tijuana, the Tijuana that defies its surly reputation.  We were and weren’t successful.