Quarterly Approved Courses

English 101W What is a person? IZENBERG, O.
English 102B Age of Sensibility GROSS, D.
English 103 20thC Lit & Race CHANDLER, N.
English 105    Dmcrcy & Minority LIT. RADHAKRISHNAN, R.
French 150 Citizen & Dissent BHATTACHARYA, M.
History 100W Environmental Justice HIGHSMITH, A.
History 100W Dresden to Drones FEDMAN, D.
History 144G Media & US Election    PERLMAN, A.
History 150 Idea of America I CHANDLER, N.
Lit Jrn 103 Lit of True Crime CORWIN, M.
Philos 121 Topics Thry Knowledge PRITCHARD, D.
Philos 131C Medical Ethics DONALDSON, B.
Philos 144 Philos Soc Phenom GILBERT, M.
Philos 164 Well-Being FIOCCO, M.