Past Approved Courses




Quarterly Approved Courses

Afam 128 Abolitionist Words Harvey, S. 
Afam 138 Idea of American I     Chandler, N. 
Afam 152 African Amer. Politics Phoenix, D
Com Lit 140 Water Wars Johnson, A. 
English 100 Intro to Literary Theory Bartlett J. 
English 102B Virtues and Vices Lewis, J. 
English 105 Mixed Race Lit Grady, K 
Gen&Sex 100C Feminist Culture Studies Mudiwa, R. 
Gen&Sex 100D Queer Knowledges Scheper, J. 
Gen&Sex 110D Politics Health Med Terry, J. 
Gen&Sex 189 Abolitionist Worlds Harvey, S. 
History 132H Isrl in Comp Pspctv     Burstein, A. 
History 134D South Africa Mitchell, L. 
History 150 Idea of America I Chandler, A. 
Lit Jrn 103 Lit of True Crime Corwin, A. 
Philos 102W Intro to Knowledge Coliva, A. 
Philos 121A Med Epistemology Bernecker, S. 
Philos 130/Classic 176/French 150 SELF LOVE &COM GOOD Litwin, C. 
Philos 130 / Rel Std 170 ANIMAL ETHICS Donaldson, B.
Philos 131C Medical Ethics Cooper, R. 
Rel Std 126 Karma and Ethics Donaldson, B. 

English 100 Introduction to Literary Theory McCall, S. 
Lit Jrn 103 Legal Narratives Goffard, C.
Philos 124 Feminist Epistemology Boncompagni, A. 
Philos 134 Philos Gender and Race     Ritchie, K. 
AsianAm 150 Asam Actvsm & Poltic     Vo, L. 
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