Black Box Speaker Series Featuring Nathan Gorelick

Department: Culture and Theory

Date and Time: April 21, 2021 | 10:30 AM-12:00 PM

Event Location: Zoom

Event Details

"The Subject of Revolution: A Lacanian Provocation"

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About the Series
The summer of 2020 marked a watershed moment for street mobilization against police, police brutality and in support of Black lives. Caught between the pandemic and the murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Toni McDade by the state and its deputies, the eruption of street actions, spreading out from Minneapolis across the United States sets the stage for our Black Box Speaker series. Thinking about the radical possibility encapsulated in the images of a police precinct on fire counterposed against the reactionary right-wing actions at the capitol on 6 January, the Culture and Theory Program has organized a short speaker series that attends to what appears as insurrectionary moments of the last year.

Exercising a play off the Black Box of Zoom and given the current milieu of political unrest, we feel it is expedient to critically engage the relation between insurrection and the unconscious. To this end, we have organized a speaker series that is primarily invested and interested in considering the psychopolitical dimensions of insurrection.

About the Speaker
Nathan Gorelick is an Associate Professor in English Literature at Utah Valley University and teaches British and French literature from the Restoration through Romanticism, contemporary literary and critical theory, and psychoanalysis. He is currently completing a book manuscript titled "The Unwritten Enlightenment: Literature Between Ideology and the Unconscious" which develops the relation between clinical psychoanalysis and literary criticism in order to reveal how eighteenth-century literature, particularly the early novel, avowedly or implicitly resists the most powerful and enduring political and philosophical formations of its time.

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