Ottoman Armenians: Readings, Methods, and Archives - Graduate Student Workshop

Department: Armenian Studies

Date and Time: April 1, 2022 - April 2, 2022 | Time TBA

Event Location: By Invitation Only

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Graduate Student Workshop
Ottoman Armenians: Readings, Methods, and Archives

UCI Center for Armenian Studies is hosting its first graduate student workshop, entitled Ottoman Armenians: Readings, Methods, and Archives, led by our visiting lecturer in Armenian history this quarter, Dr. Dzovinar Derderian. Dr. Derderian is a trained historian (PhD, University of Michigan) of the Ottoman Empire with a focus on Armenians. She has worked with both Ottoman and Armenian archival material and, in her writing, she has reflected on the methodological impasses and opportunities that the various archives provide particularly when used in conjunction with one another. This workshop, which is by invitation only and geared primarily to graduate students, explores readings in Ottoman Armenian and related material, methods, and approaches to the study of Ottoman Armenian history and the role of archives in theory and in practice. Our UCI graduate students, Bedros Torosian, Elif Shannon-Chastain, and OÄŸul Tuna, who work with Ottoman Armenian material, will be presenting.